My Sensory Book is an interactive workbook enables children to develop a better understanding of their sensory systems by helping their parents and teachers create an individualized sensory profile. Through numerous strategies broken down by the different sensory systems, tactile, vestibular, proprioception, visual, auditory, gustatory and olfactory, children can learn to cope more effectively with the world around them. This is a practical tool for both home and school.

A Week of Switching, Shifting and Stretching my Thoughts:  How to Make my Thinking More Flexible so I Can Have Fun is a picture book designed to assist children with examining their own black and white thinking in order to begin to think more flexibly and enjoy rainbow thinking.  A Week of Switching illustrates the beauty of flexible or "rainbow" thinking and ways in which "rainbow thinking" helps us cope with a variety of life’s situations. This book captivates children while educating parents and professionals alike.